• Scanning

    Scan the patient's mouth with an intraoral 3D scanner to obtain a digital impression

  • Review & Sending

    Review the impression data add additional information send to the dental lab

  • Design

    Use CAD software to design dentures according to requirement

  • Milling

    Use CAM milling machine to mill material into dentures

  • Refine & Polish

    Refine and polish the prosthetic to provide the most accurate results

  • Package & Ship

    Package the dentures and deliver them back to the dental clinic

ABOUT MD Dental Technology Inc.

MD Dental Technology Inc. is a company that specializes in dental products. We offer top-notch dental materials and devices to dental labs and clinics, focusing on delivering the best to our clients.

With over 15 years of experience in the dental field, we have witnessed the digital revolution that has transformed dentistry in the past decade. Leveraging our extensive experience, we guide our customers in procuring the finest digital products and aid them in seamlessly adopting this digital transformation..

We at MD Dental Technology Inc. are committed to deliver “Best service and product” to our customers.


  • Dental Digital Specialist

  • With over 15 years of experience in the dental digitals

  • Full Dental Digital Solution

Dental Digital Specialist